An effective online monitoring and enforcement solution enables brand owners to take on and remove counterfeits and infringements quickly and efficiently.

In the last two decades, the counterfeit business has moved from city sidewalks to the vast world of the internet. While e-commerce has opened new doors for traditional and start-up brands, it has also provided counterfeiters and infringers lucrative access to a global customer base. Counterfeit goods are now at a global estimated value of $590 billion. Fake goods endanger your business earnings, as well as your customers’ faith in your brand and industry at large. Counterfeiters must be held accountable. We are proud to offer customized online brand protection services that address infringement online, as well as provide transparent and thoroughly researched data on negative brand associations, cyber crime and rogue businesses. The data we gather renders it easier for rights owners to tackle counterfeits and counterfeiters.

From identification to takedown

From initially identifying an infringing listing to enabling viable action against the producers of counterfeit products, SIPI offers a fully managed IP protection service. With local teams in India and China, and connections with international and government IP enforcement bodies, we can successfully reduce the visibility of infringements and counterfeits on online marketplaces by up to 90% in just a few months.

While online marketplaces have made it easier for your brands to reach customers, they have also opened avenues for counterfeiters and criminals to peddle convincing bootleg versions of your products. Whether on Amazon, Alibaba or Instagram, our highly skilled, multilingual and international team identifies and pursues high-value targets responsible for online infringements.

We remove hundreds of thousands of infringing listings each month on over 500 B2B and B2C marketplaces, and millions more on social media. Members of our highly skilled and experienced team have also developed direct relationships with major marketplaces around the world, so that we can offer your brand prompt, effective, and lasting solutions.

SIPI’s expansive range of online investigative and takedown services also includes helping brands investigate the owners of rogue websites and domain names. Supported by the largest database of illicit online activity and piracy related websites, Veri-Site, our investigators will help you identify and tackle rogue websites and domain names. Our in-house team of lawyers could also help you file Uniform Domain-Name-Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) claims and take other legal action to defend your rights.

Irrespective of where or how counterfeiters sell their products, we will work with you to remove counterfeits and infringements quickly and efficiently online and, where appropriate, tackle the root problem at its source.

WeChat Crowdsourced Investigations

The majority of fake goods seized in customs checks are manufactured in China and Hong Kong. Many of these producers sell products to smaller businesses on WeChat. Thanks to our China-based team, SIPI is able to closely track, communicate and take down these producers through techniques that are proprietary to us.

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From our WeChat investigations, we generate reports that highlight high-risk zones, identify the scale of fakes offered on WeChat for that specific brand/product, and identify ‘power sellers’ and their WeChat stores. Our WeChat investigators have, in just 6 months, identified over 190 ‘power sellers’ and their associated social media accounts and Taobao stores.

Brand purity assessments

At SIPI, we do everything possible to gather a wide range of data and focus on high-risk sellers and networks. Upon request, we conduct brand purity assessments by conducting test purchases across online marketplaces. We look at inconsistencies in packaging, texture, smell, and the colour of the products. To learn more, please contact us at

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