Criminal Click catch

The business of online advertising on illegal websites has grown into a global threat with such sites raking in money through this form of ‘badvertising’. Our

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Cyber Wines and Cyber Crimes

Bharat Dube played the role of a ‘cyber sleuth’ in a delightful online conference organised by the International Association of Lawyers for Vine and Wine Law (, which focused on how the wine industry should respond to the myriad online threats it faces online.

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Asia Video Industry Report 2020

SIPI/Veri-site’s Chairman, Bharat Dube, and CEO, Bharat Kapoor, co-authored an article on “Indian Courts and Website Blocking” in the Asia Video Industry’s Report 2020 report.

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AVIA-CAP Analysis of Popular Malaysian Pirate Sites by Veri-Site

A STUDY of advertising on popular Malaysian piracy sites conducted by Veri-Site and commissioned by the Asia Video Industry Association’s (Avia) Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), highlighted that 25% of Malaysian consumers purchased a TV box that can stream pirated content, and that 60% of them stated they cancelled all or some of their subscription to legal pay TV services.

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