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Asia Video Industry Report 2020

SIPI/Veri-site’s Chairman, Bharat Dube, and CEO, Bharat Kapoor, co-authored an article on “Indian Courts and Website Blocking” in the Asia Video Industry’s Report 2020 report.

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AVIA-CAP Analysis of Popular Malaysian Pirate Sites by Veri-Site

A STUDY of advertising on popular Malaysian piracy sites conducted by Veri-Site and commissioned by the Asia Video Industry Association’s (Avia) Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), highlighted that 25% of Malaysian consumers purchased a TV box that can stream pirated content, and that 60% of them stated they cancelled all or some of their subscription to legal pay TV services.

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Ad-supported Piracy

SIPI-Verisite’s Chairman and CEO, respectively, Bharat Dube, and Bharat Kapoor, co-authored an article on the link between ad-supported piracy and ad-supported hate site commentary in AVIA’s Asia Video Industry Report 2019.

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