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In the age of social media, the beauty industry is booming. This new medium has made room for independent and traditional brands to co-exist, creating unique products across the spectrum. Unfortunately, it has also opened the doors to many counterfeiters, who exploit beauty trends and products to defraud customers and make easy illegal profits.

With over 25 clients who produce truly special perfumes and cosmetics, SIPI is aware that unique beauty products require creativity on all fronts. The texture, smell, colour and packaging of beauty products and perfumes are all components that make for outstanding perfumes and cosmetics.

Regrettably, thanks to technological advancements, counterfeiters are more easily able to mimic the appearance even of unique cosmetics and perfumes. Not only does this endanger your brand, but it also puts your customers at risk, as counterfeiters often use dangerous substances such as arsenic and lead.

At SIPI, we marry the latest machine-learning technology with a global and multilingual team to remove over three quarters of infringing listings for your brand within a month. Upon request, we also conduct brand purity assessments, purchasing and testing the authenticity of products through scent, texture and appearance.

From investigation to takedown, we will support your brand and ensure that your customers are protected from the dangers of counterfeit cosmetics and perfumes.

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