Industrials and Automotive

Although a highly specialized field, requiring extremely technical machinery and skills, the automobile industry is increasingly vulnerable to counterfeiting. Well-known companies have had to recall their cars out of fear of defective counterfeit replacement parts, which have not undergone standardized regulatory inspections and therefore may pose a threat to customers.

According to the Federal Trade Commission and World Customs Organization, counterfeiting costs the global auto-parts industry approximately $12 billion a year. Now, more than ever, brand protection and enforcement are essential for industrials and auto products.

With our unrivalled presence in Southeast Asia, home to some of the largest counterfeit distributors, SIPI has access to an international network to protect your brand. Our offline investigations and raids also facilitate the process of identifying and taking down counterfeiters to save your brand and your customers.

Our holistic approach and strategic positioning guarantee major results.

Brand Protection for Other Industries

Luxury & Fashion

Wine & Spirits

Perfumes & Cosmetics

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