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SIPI Online is the leading provider of online monitoring services in Asia. SIPI’s mission is to be your brand’s eyes on the internet, tracking infringing listings and manufacturers online 24/7, and meticulously gathering evidence to take down infringements. Our team of dedicated analysts use sophisticated technology to interpret data and to gather and consolidate intelligence on infringement and counterfeiting activity in monthly reports for your brand.

SIPI was acquired by Authentix Inc, the global authority in authentication and track and trace solutions, in July 2021.


Twenty years ago, SIPI’s founder, Mr. Bharat Dube, came across a website dealing in counterfeit products called for a major case at Richemont. From that website, Mr. Dube and George Arnold, a private investigator in North Carolina, tracked six companies with links to major counterfeiting rings that peddled bootleg products both in New York City and online. The goods were seized, the indicted people fined or imprisoned, and that, Mr. Dube thought, was the end of things.

However, a few years later, one of the main accused, imprisoned not only for counterfeiting but also for identity theft, sent a letter to Mr. Dube demanding payment for his wrongful incarceration, claiming that the lawsuit had made him a hero in the internet community.

Dedicated to piercing the veil of anonymity leveraged by counterfeiters online, Mr. Dube founded SIPI-IP in 2010. The focus was broad from the outset, looking at unauthorized channels, and hijacking trademarked keywords on search engines along with counterfeit or pirated products. Today, SIPI-IP serves over 200 global brands, with 5 partner law firms around the world, teams in Paris, New York, Geneva, India and China. We promise 24-hour surveillance and the best-in-class technology for all your copyright and brand protection needs.


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