Who We Are

Whether you are in the business of creating and distributing luxury goods, personal care products, pharmaceuticals or industrial parts, your brands are at risk of being counterfeited. In a global economy facilitated by ever-advancing technology, intellectual property rights require expert and constant vigilance. Just how significant is this challenge? Estimates put the global trade in counterfeit and pirated goods at more than half a trillion US dollars in 2016, with China accounting for over 60% of global exports of fakes.

SIPI surveys the Internet around the clock, and provides rights owners with vital intelligence relating to infringements online.

We are strategically headquartered in Singapore with operational support  in “source countries”  for counterfeit and pirated products, such as China and India, with representative offices in  Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.  We pride ourselves on an international team of more than 100 people, led by management with previous senior level roles at widely recognized organizations such as Richemont, Ernst & Young, World Check and the Motion Picture Association of America. Our multilingual capabilities enable us to serve our clients from multiple locations and deliver unique IP insights to rights owners around the world.

Protect and Defend

We identify and investigate online infringements, and upon request, in most jurisdictions, we resolve issues through judicial or administrative action. Like our online policing alias, SIPICOPS, we are here to protect and defend your brand.