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The Internet has facilitated the growth of counterfeiting

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The Internet has facilitated the growth of counterfeiting. Search engines make it easy for anyone to access as well as advertise counterfeits. With no way differentiate brands and counterfeits share the same advertising space on many of these search engines. While working at Richemont, a large luxury goods conglomerate, CEO Bharat Dube ran many successful investigations including the 2000 DiPadova case.

The threats posed by crypto-currencies

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CEO Bharat Dube, discusses the threats posed by crypto-currencies like bitcoin and how brands will need to once again invest resources in monitoring the abuse of their names and reputations online. Dubes explores it use, especially on the Deep Web including the famous hidden site, ‘The Silk Road’, which elicits black market activity.

IP Enforcement seminar in Singapore

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SIPI, in association with the Asian Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (ACACAP), and Ravindaran Associates, Singapore, hosted a seminar in Singapore on IP Enforcement, on April 29, 2016. This follows an event hosted recently in New Delhi, on April 7, 2016, in conjunction with ACACAP and the law firm of Anand and Anand.

Digital Health Index

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The essential idea behind the Digital Health Index is to provide rights owners with a yardstick to gauge the extent to which their rights are being infringed online, either on a standalone basis or
in relation to their competitors. The Read More

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