Piracy 3.0: ISDs

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January, 2018

SIPI-Verisite’s founder, Mr. Bharat Dube, and SIPI-Verisite’s CEO, Mr. Bharat Kapoor co-authored an article on the adverse impacts of Illicit Streaming Devices (ISDs) on cable and OTT media distribution businesses for the 2018 CASBAA (Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia) book which can be found here

Counterfeits on the dark net

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World Trademark Review

September, 2017

Nearly 4,000 of the listings we looked at were for counterfeit goods. While the percentage of fakes against total listings has fallen since our previous investigation in 2014 – from 5.5% to 4% – the range is greater than ever before, with Bharat Dube, chief executive of brand protection firm Strategic IP Information. Read more

Fight Art Fraud

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Artnet News

April, 2017

The AALP was founded by SIPI in collaboration with Art Fraud Insights, a Washington DC firm . Over the past six months, the two created a software program that screens the web to pinpoint suspicious listings on e-commerce sites, mobile apps, and social media. When one inevitably pops up, AALP sends a cease-and-desist letter to the purveyor. If a fraudulent sale has already been made, AALP contacts the buyer, and works with a lawyer to acquire a refund. Read more

SIPI expands to Latin America

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April, 2017

SIPI now has excellent representation in Central and South America. Our Director of Operations for LatAm, Sr. Castor Gonzales-Escobar has extensive experience in dealing with anti-counterfeiting operations. We have recently also engaged Ms. María Alejandra López García, an IP attorney who has worked, notably, at WIPO’s Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center in Geneva.

Our representative office for LatAm is in Panama City (Tower Financial Center, 35th Floor, Financial District, 50th Street with Elvira Mendez, Panama City, Panama;. Phone number: +507 836-5128).

Veri-site’s report: Badvertising – When Ads Go Rogue

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March, 2017

Veri-Site has produced a report on the issue of advertisements being present on Indian pirate sites, allowing the content theft industry to generate large amounts of revenue and continue to strive. This report goes over the negative impacts of having advertisements on these illicit platforms and provides recommendations on various approaches to tackle this issue. Click here for a copy of the report.

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