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Piracy 3.0: ISDs

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SIPI-Verisite’s founder, Mr. Bharat Dube, and SIPI-Verisite’s CEO, Mr. Bharat Kapoor co-authored an article on the adverse impacts of Illicit Streaming Devices (ISDs) on cable and OTT media distribution businesses for the 2018 CASBAA (Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia) book which can be found here

Fight Art Fraud

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The AALP was founded by SIPI in collaboration with Art Fraud Insights, a Washington DC firm . Over the past six months, the two created a software  program that screens the web to pinpoint suspicious listings on e-commerce sites, mobile apps, and social media. When one inevitably pops up, AALP sends a cease-and-desist letter to the purveyor. If a fraudulent sale has already been made, AALP contacts the buyer, and works with a lawyer to acquire a refund. Read more …

SIPI expands to Latin America

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SIPI now has excellent representation in Central and South America. Our Director of Operations for LatAm, Sr. Castor Gonzales-Escobar has extensive experience in dealing with anti-counterfeiting operations. We have recently also engaged Ms. María Alejandra López García, an IP attorney who has worked, notably, at WIPO’s Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center in Geneva.

Our representative office for LatAm is in Panama City (Tower Financial Center, 35th Floor, Financial District, 50th Street with Elvira Mendez, Panama City, Panama;. Phone number: +507 836-5128).

Veri-site’s report: Badvertising – When Ads Go Rogue

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Veri-Site has produced a report on the issue of advertisements being present on Indian pirate sites, allowing the content theft industry to generate large amounts of revenue and continue to strive. This report goes over the negative impacts of having advertisements on these illicit platforms and provides recommendations on various approaches to tackle this issue. Click here for a copy of the report

Is Alibaba doing enough to fight fakes ?

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To Bharat Dube, chief executive of Singapore-based Strategic IP Information, which works with companies to protect intellectual property, Alibaba isn’t always as swift to act as it could. While acknowledging improvements in the company’s anti-counterfeit system, he said it can take Taobao seven to 10 days to respond to complaints and the process of reporting complaints lengthy. Compare that to 24 hours at eBay. read more…

SIPI collaborates with Art Fraud Insights

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SIPI is pleased to announce that in collaboration with Art Fraud Insights, LLC (Washington D.C.), the company has launched a  new service specifically geared towards Artists and Artist Foundations. SIPI’s Art and Artistic Legacy Protection (AALP) platform enables clients to address the risks inherent in conducting business relevant to art in the online world. One of the fastest growing segments in the market, the risk associated with online art sales will escalate as rogue actors continue to take advantage of the anonymous and unregulated nature of the internet. With this proprietary program, we will  go a long way in  preventing the victimization of consumers buying in good faith and in  protecting  the legacy of artists whose work is being unjustly imitated or appropriated, with negative cultural, legal and economic consequences. We are proud to also announce that  Ms. Colette Loll, founder of Art Fraud Insights, LLC, will be joining SIPI’s Advisory Board.

Three Ways to Tell If You Are Buying a Fake Product

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With “the internet being largely unregulated, there was a perfect storm for the counterfeiting problem to go fantastically out of control,” says Bharat Dube, chief executive of Strategic IP Information, a brand protection agency. Dube says his clients are increasingly finding third-party resellers on Amazon to be a major problem…
Consider returning an item if the packaging is suspect. “It can be basic things such as not having plastic covering on the handbag’s handle,” says Dube, who formerly headed the anti-counterfeiting team at Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, owner of brands like Dunhill. If there’s no retail packaging or UPC barcodes, it might be worth your while seeking a refund.
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Alibaba recruiting brands to escalate fight against fakes

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Up to 80% of the products with some form of branding sold on Taobao are fake, said Bharat Dube, chief executive of Strategic IP Information, which works with brands such as L’Occitane en Provence to remove offending items.

“Alibaba has been paying lip service to removing counterfeits rather than taking effective steps,” said Mr. Dube, who was previously global anti-counterfeiting chief for Cie. Financière Richemont SA, whose brands include Cartier and Montblanc.Read more

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