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Brand protection is not exclusive to a particular industry. All businesses have a name that is closely connected and intertwined with their brand and thus a distinct customer database.

We offer our services to a variety of businesses across various industries including:

Media and Entertainment  Alcoholic Beverages  Consumer Goods  and Pharmaceuticals Fashion  Automobiles

Media and Entertainment

Those working in the Media and Entertainment industries are no strangers to the threat of copyright infringement. The Internet has facilitated the movement of illegal downloading and unsolicited distribution of files. As information spreads exponentially faster through the digital networks, it is extremely timely and costly to stop it once a file is ‘out there’. This results in the loss of billions of dollars in revenue yearly

SIPI’s teams of experts have the experience and know-how to tackle the problem head on, both  in the context of P2P networks or more generally.

Alcoholic Beverages

The liquor industry is worth billions of dollars. However, a remarkable amount of that money trickles down into the pockets of unwarranted hands. What makes the liquor and wine industry unique is the type of labeling and packaging that constitutes the finished product. Everything from the shape of the bottle to the hue of the glass is often a recognizable trademark of a brand. Infringers often take advantage and capitalize on these distinct attributes. By mislabeling bottles and misusing brand names, infringers divert attention to their products while riding on the good faith of trademarked brands.

Consumer Goods and Pharmaceuticals

Consumer goods account for the largest proportion of items searched and purchased on the Internet. Consequentially, it is the most targeted sector in brand monitoring and enforcement. There are so many counterfeit goods available that is sometimes impossible for the public to distinguish the fake from the real thing. In the case of pharmaceutical drugs, this is not only an issue of IP rights but also health concerns, as they are often made from lower quality ingredients and do not face the same inspection processes as the genuine products.

Companies put in a great deal of time and money to procure and license intellectual property rights that protect their goods. SIPI is here to monitor, investigate, and when necessary take the necessary enforcement procedures to ensure that that investment does not go to waste.


The fashion industry is one of the most notable targets of counterfeiters. Counterfeiters have been churning out handbags and accessories, amongst other forms of apparel, for many decades. Initially these fakes were easy to spot as imitations and were perceived as a minimally threatening enemy. However, with modern technological advances and a shrinking world, counterfeiters have access to the resources culminating in sophisticated 3rd and 4th generation fakes.

Many fashion brands devote their businesses worth to building unique and distinct brand images. Thus, it is unsurprising there are people and groups who wish to exploit and capitalize on these qualities particular to the creative, innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of these businesses.

SIPI has an extensive background working with various multinational fashion and luxury brands. Complementing the creativity necessary to build fashion labels, our innovative brand protection solutions can help prevent future business losses. Our unique perspective and deep understanding of IP law and licensing will provide a solid support system to your brand protection needs.


Although a highly specialized and technical process in terms of the skills and machinery necessary, there are proving to be more and more threats to the automobile industry. Companies have even had to recall their cars, due to the fear of replacement counterfeit parts, which may be a danger to customers having not undergone standardized regulatory inspections. Thus, the value of brand protection and enforcement becomes all the more essential.

According to the Federal Trade Commission and World Customs Organization, counterfeiting costs the global motor vehicle parts industry approximately $12 billion a year. Now, China is publicly experiencing growth in its counterfeit automotive industry, offering the world’s brands for a fraction of the price.With a solid footing in Southeast Asia, home to some of the largest counterfeit distributors, SIPI has access to an international network to protect your brand.

Oil & Gas

However improbable this may sound, counterfeiters and copyright infringers have also targeted the oil and gas sector.  Our work here extends to ensuring counterfeit spare parts do not enter the distribution chain, to removing copyrighted materials from digital document libraries.