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Three Ways to Tell If You Are Buying a Fake Product

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With “the internet being largely unregulated, there was a perfect storm for the counterfeiting problem to go fantastically out of control,” says Bharat Dube, chief executive of Strategic IP Information, a brand protection agency. Dube says his clients are increasingly finding third-party resellers on Amazon to be a major problem…
Consider returning an item if the packaging is suspect. “It can be basic things such as not having plastic covering on the handbag’s handle,” says Dube, who formerly headed the anti-counterfeiting team at Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, owner of brands like Dunhill. If there’s no retail packaging or UPC barcodes, it might be worth your while seeking a refund.
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Alibaba recruiting brands to escalate fight against fakes

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Up to 80% of the products with some form of branding sold on Taobao are fake, said Bharat Dube, chief executive of Strategic IP Information, which works with brands such as L’Occitane en Provence to remove offending items.

“Alibaba has been paying lip service to removing counterfeits rather than taking effective steps,” said Mr. Dube, who was previously global anti-counterfeiting chief for Cie. Financière Richemont SA, whose brands include Cartier and Montblanc.Read more

Alibaba Enlists Brands to Help Snuff Out Knockoffs

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Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., facing U.S. criticism over the presence of counterfeit and pirated goods on its online shopping platforms, said it would establish an advisory board of brands and trade associations to help protect intellectual property. An Alibaba spokesman said Friday that the company would work with representatives from international brands and smaller enterprises in the U.S. and elsewhere to help stamp out sellers of knockoff goods. It didn’t identify the enterprises or… Read more

SIPI partners with Webdrone

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We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered  with the French company, Webdrone, based in Dijon.  An online platform for detecting cyber-crime and counterfeiting, Webdrone’s solutions include E-Drone (a crawling and analytical technology to browse the Web) and Platform (enabling  automated research and analysis of information by E-drones). Together, SIPI and Webdrone present cutting-edge monitoring and  analysis of all forms of IP-related theft.

Will Alibaba’s Jack Ma tackle his counterfeit problem or face the wrath of global brands?

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Unsurprisingly, business leaders across the globe have brandished their pitchforks in outrage, with many suggesting Alibaba hasn’t sufficiently kept its promise of cracking down on sellers. For example, Strategic IP Information’s CEO, Bharat Dube, claimed that for Ma to have said what he did required both hubris and chutzpah – and that the company’s efforts were deemed “superficial”. Read more…

Alibaba faces criticism for rampant counterfeiting

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Jack Ma receive strong criticism for statements that Alibaba will lead the fight against the sale of counterfeit goods, writes MarketWatch. This week, he has also said that the situation is aggravated by the fakes are often better than the originals. – To speak in this way requires both audacity and hubris, says Bharat Dube, president of Strategic IP information that works to remove counterfeits from the network. Read more…

Alibaba Defends Its Anti-Counterfeit Policy

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Strategic IP Information CEO Bharat Dube, which helps sellers including L’Occitane en Provence remove fakes across the internet, called efforts by Alibaba to address fakes shallow and states the organization could do a comparatively better job of removing counterfeits on its marketplaces. The company has stated it wouldn’t spare expense in battling fakes. Read more…

Film piracy in the digital age

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Film piracy is supported by payment processors, ISPs and digital ad agencies. Bharat Kapoor discusses their impact and ways to protect customers against online piracy at India’s first roundtable on piracy in the film industry.

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