Online Auction and Retail Surveillance

SIPI ensures that no counterfeit or pirated goods infringing upon our clients’ rights are listed…

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Monitoring of Social Media Sites

SIPI also monitors social networking sites, blogs and other sites to provide comprehensive information on your brand’s e-reputation…

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Website Investigations

We determine the identity of the people or companies behind websites of concern…

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Latest Update

We are proud to announce we have a rep office in Kenya, and now have the capacity to monitor most e-commerce platforms operating in Africa. SIPI\'s enforcement division will soon have the capacity to organize anti-counterfeiting raids in infringement hotspots in Kenya, Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. For further information, please contact
In the past year, bitcoin has rocketed to stardom in the financial world. However, like many a Hollywood starlet bitcoin has, in its short history, had a very controversial career. Released in 2009 by an anonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin. Read More
over the summer, six years ago, detectives and court-appointed marshals acting for Richemont (where i was then in-house anticounterfeiting counsel) raided a dry-cleaning establishment called VICC near Canal Street, New York.Read More


What impact has the internet had on counterfeiting?

What is unique about SIPI’s services?