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“It’s now easy for anyone, anywhere in the world to set up a sophisticated looking website, go to a market, buy a few fakes, and sell them online,” says Singapore-based SIPI CEO Bharat Dube, whose company focuses on online brand protection; click here to view the article.
We are extremely honoured and privileged to have Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, formerly Assistant Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), join SIPI\'s Advisory Board (see Management and Advisory Board). Mr. Onyeama is a distinguished diplomat and global authority on intellectual property and brings a wealth of experience to SIPI. A Barrister-at-law from Gray\'s Inn, Mr. Onyeama has twin Master of Law degrees from St. John\'s College, Cambridge University and from the London School of Economics.

Online Auction and Retail Surveillance

SIPI ensures that no counterfeit or pirated goods infringing upon our clients’ rights are listed…

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Monitoring of Social Media Sites

SIPI also monitors social networking sites, blogs and other sites to provide comprehensive information on your brand’s e-reputation…

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Website Investigations

We determine the identity of the people or companies behind websites of concern…

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What impact has the internet had on counterfeiting?

What is unique about SIPI’s services?